Saturday, October 08, 2011


I'm sure most of us have songs in our lives that the moment we hear them, we are instantly transported to another time and another place.

Maybe it is the song that played when you were when you were falling in love (Jim and I danced by the side of I-10 on the Gulf Coast to DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT) expecting your first baby (we seemed stuck on Susan Ashton's debut album during one pregnancy), or watching your grandparents waltz at family get-togethers.

When I lived in Southern Africa, my fellow journeyman Andrew McKneely had Tom Howard's HARVEST album. He kindly loaned it to me and I think that cassette tape ended up living in my Toyota Corolla more than his VW Golf.

All that has to happen is for me to hear one of the amazingly beautiful piano pieces from that album and I'm instantly back on a rural road driving across South African farmland or Swazi vistas.

I no longer have that tape. I finally gave it back to Andrew and I think I might have gotten my own copy at some time only to lose it who knows when. But I'm thinking that before we board that plane and fly off to Africa next year, Tom Howard's HARVEST album is going to find its way onto someone's MP3 player so that my kids and true love can also traverse the glory of Africa to the melodies that mean "home" to me now.

So what songs instantly take you to another time and another place?

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