Thursday, October 27, 2011


Eighteen years ago, I was expecting my first baby. It didn't seem like those last few weeks would ever pass by. The pregnancy seemed to last forever. And then Anna was born.

And in those first years of her life, and then the first years of her siblings' lives, time also seemed to sometimes go by so very slowly. Will they ever sleep through the night? Will they ever be potty trained? Will they ever learn to tie their own shoes and wash their own hair?

And then before I knew it, time seemed to hit warp speed. The little baby I so impatiently waited on 18 years ago is now working a job, driving her own truck, nearing high school graduation, and making plans for college. In less than one year, my baby --- who is now nearly all grown up --- will be moving to New Orleans and pursuing a degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences that includes an emphasis in criminology because she wants to be a part of the fight against injustices and human trafficking.

I'm so proud of her passion for bringing freedom and justice to those who are being abused, enslaved, and exploited. It will be hard on this mama's heart to have her far away from me, and yes, I'll worry about her living in a big ole city without us. But I wouldn't do a thing to stop her from following the call that God is putting on her life. One of the biggest blessings this mama can have is knowing that God is using me to bring about His purposes in her life.

This past Tuesday, her daddy took off from work and we made the journey down to the Crescent City for Holy Cross College's Prospective Student Open House. We talked to professors and staff, toured the facilities, learned more about the college's offerings, and were amazed and excited to see how God is putting His provision into place for her.

We received some very encouraging information about scholarships, spoke with a professor who works with women who have escaped human trafficking, and made contacts with people who are going to help us look for safe and affordable housing for Anna in the New Orleans area.

At the end of the evening (and yes, we were the last ones to leave) we all agreed that Holy Cross and the path that Anna is pursuing possesses that rightness that we've learned comes when you're walking right down the center of God's will.

And that's a good place to be...even when the journey is going by a little faster than this mama would perhaps prefer.

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