Tuesday, October 11, 2011


No, I'm NOT going to wear that beautiful, sparkly, Miss Snowflake Queen crown for the procedure...though maybe I should?


Trying to have a good attitude about the whole thing but the wearing of that amazing head piece might be a tad too much even for me.

Anyway, prayers would certainly be appreciated. I'm just not thrilled with the whole thing (especially not forking out so much money) but since I prayed that God would either heal me or make it really obvious that I needed to go in, and the symptoms got like 10X worse for the next couple of days, and my trusted nurse practitioner really, really wants me to do it, I'll be a good girl and endure it.

Pray that whatever is going on, this will reveal it. Pray it can easily be remedied. And pray that I'll be a blessing to all around me. Heck, as someone pointed out, I might even make some Swazi mission connections. So pray for my attitude, because I'd really rather be spending my time and money in other ways.

Signing off for now and trying to have a positive attitude about not eating for 22 hours, wearing a hospital gown, and spending $700.

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