Saturday, October 01, 2011


I hope your weekend has been going as good as ours has been going so far.

This Monday, our 3rd daughter turns 10. Since this is a "landmark" year, she was able to have a party with friends invited. She had a sleepover complete with pizza, cheesecake, and her maiden viewing of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. Watching some of their faces during the movie was priceless!

After pillow fighting and a little slumber in the living room, they woke up and I fixed them a big waffle and bacon breakfast. They left mid-morning and we spent the next few hours just doing typical stay-at-home-on-a-Saturday stuff. But then, around 3:30, another landmark event started.

Betty Hodge, of BY HIS GRACE PHOTOGRAPHY, came over to do a photo shoot for Anna's senior portraits. Back in my day, senior portraits were draped shots done in front of a back drop in some high school classroom. Now, they are professional photo shoots with wardrobe changes and a variety of locations. After an hour spent taking photos of Anna in our yard, out in the pasture with her horse, and in our barn, we loaded up and went into Jackson for some urban shots.

Betsie and I were the shoot assistants as Anna sat in a retro chair right in the middle of an abandoned train track, walked up fire escape stairs near our favorite burger place, and perched atop a granite counter in a hipster complex, along with many other vignettes. It was a fun time spent with my beautiful daughters and a very talented and easy to work with friend and photographer.

Now, Anna is at the 20th birthday party for a friend she's known since she was 6, the little ones are in bed, Jim's channel surfing, David and Betsie are hanging out upstairs as only the "twins" can hang out, Patrick is hoping his dad will fix on something of interest to watch, and I'm editing photos and, of course, blogging.

Tomorrow promises to be a day full of worship, kids' friends over, afternoon naps, and family time. Sounds to me like pretty nice highlights to end the weekend and start a new week with.

I'm a blessed woman.

Hope your weekend has been full of plenty of highlights, too.

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