Sunday, August 07, 2011


Hope you've had a nice weekend. Mine has been pretty full but not tiring. It has been a good busy.

On Friday evening, the hubby asked me out on a date and I, of course, said hello to the good looking guy. We went to a new Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean Restaurant where we enjoyed the food and enjoyed watching the Greek dancing. The Petra Cafe will definitely get our business again. The waiters were friendly Jordanians, the buffet-style food was fabulous, and the recently renovated building was decorated in a fun and funky way that was a perfect complement to the food.

Saturday morning, I was up early (for a Saturday) and headed into inner-city Jackson to serve at WE WILL GO alongside a group of children, youth, and moms from our church. What a blessing it was to fellowship as we worked side-by-side but an even bigger blessing to watch the kids work with such joyful attitudes. One of the goals Jim and I have a missions coordinators at our church is to see others using their gifts to serve the Lord and minister to His least and lost both locally and globally. Yesterday was an answer to many prayers we've lifted up over the last few years.

After WE WILL GO, it was grocery shopping, something that I actually quite enjoy when I'm not in a hurry and can take me time looking at the beautiful produce, perusing the labels, and looking for good deals.

And speaking of produce, one of the treats I bought home for the family was a bagful of plantains. David had them for the first time in Peru and loved them fried up French fry style. So Betsie sliced them up, I fried them in some safflower and olive oil, and I served them up with turkey-grilled-cheese sandwiches and a fruit salad made with berries I got marked down at Kroger. It was a delish meal and David was loving his plantains again.

This morning was church. Larry Pate, one of our assistant pastors, brought a great word on "smell"...what do we smell like? When people meet us, do we have the aroma of Jesus and his love and life or do we smell like the world, religious rules, or even things such as selfishness and bitterness. Larry's sermons are always good and his way of communicating make it easy for the children and teenagers to get something as well.

After church, I made a big ole pot of mostly veggie chili before a quick nap. Then I headed off for some Mississippi University for Women fun. The new college year will be starting soon so the local alums hosted a party for the new students. As I've said here at Graceland before, The W (as it is affectionately called) is more than just an institute of higher learning, it is a family. And this family is constantly blessing me with new friends. I'm still close to girls I went to college with 25 years ago and through events like today, I'm making new friendships that will grow over the years as our love for MUW brings us together.

We've now picked up Betsie (who is also planning on going to The W in a couple of years) from the church's teen girls' group, I've popped a huge bowl of popcorn, and we're ending the weekend with DOCTOR WHO.

As I said, busy but good. Looking forward to seeing what this new week holds. Hope it is a great one for each of you.


Jacob said...

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Elysa said...

Just to clear things up, we do, too!