Thursday, August 04, 2011


As promised two days ago, I'm finally getting to post some details about Betsie's 16th birthday celebration.

She has been babysitting all day long for the last two days so it made it very difficult to write this blog post because as some of you know, I try to interview my kids on their birthdays. Plus, I was just really tired and grumpy yesterday.

Anywho-o-oo...on with the interview.

Betsie, please tell the visitors to Graceland about your birthday celebration.


What'cha did, what'cha ate, what'cha got, etc.?

Monday night, some of my very close friends came over and we all went out for Mexican together. They made me stand up at the head of the table and open my presents because they are good friends and good friends humiliate each other. And then, one of my friends speaks Spanish so along with ordering for us, she told the waiter that it was my birthday so they sang that birthday song [in Spanish] and gave me a sombrero and a plate of whipped cream so that my friends could put it on my face. It was fabulous.

Afterwards, we made a late run to the grocery store and got cookie dough and icecream and a disposable camera to document the night. Oh, we also flirted with the bag boy. I wasn't the one flirting with him but anyways. The rest of the night was filled with DOCTOR WHO episodes (my new obsession) and did ridiculous quizzes out on the balcony and eventually crashing in a pile on my bedroom floor at like 2:00 a.m.

And on your actual day?

[5 year old Miss M] woke us up squealing about our breakfast menu because my super sweet, super servant like brother woke up super early to make us awesome food, fried donuts.

During breakfast, everyone insisted that I sit down and that they serve me. That really meant a lot to me how blessed I was already even though it was only a few hours into the day. We did our usual COMMON PRAYER together but Mom skipped ahead and did one about daughters and women and my mom prayed over me and my friends that we would continue to be the women God created us to be and we would also continue to grow in faith and obedience to Him and His will. That just started the day off perfectly.

Then we all cleaned and had bathing suit malfunctions until 12:45 when we all piled into our bus and road tripped to Merit Creek.

Already there, were 3 of my friends who made a large stick and pebble message on the bank that read "HAPPY BDAY". It made my day.

Then everyone started arriving and we played ninja and jumped off the waterfall and had a fake wedding ceremony and chilled out in the shallow end. And then we rode back singing all the way. It was amazing.

Once at the house, we had an intense spoons game with SIXTEEN players around a coffee table that should only be allowed to fit six. It was gruesome.

[David says there were a lot of cheaters to which Betsie counters that there weren't cheaters --- ahem, Betsie and Candace --- and they word skirmish for a bit before returning to the more important matter at hand.]

We then migrated to the balcony to play a game of APPLES TO APPLES, awesome gruesome, while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Once everyone was here, we ate burgers and hotdogs. I opened fabulous presents.

Then we played a game of I NEVER outside in the dark and at ended the night by looking at stars from the bed of my sister's truck.

So it was a good birthday celebration?

Oh yeah!

Well, I was planning on asking you a whole lot of other questions like what was your favorite thing to do this past year and how you think you've changed the most and other such enquiries, but I think we're both just about spent for the night.

[Betsie nods head]

So for now, that's all folks!

Sawadee ka!

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Renee said...

sounds like it was a wonderful celebration