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I've written before on my blog about the Petersons who are serving in Swaziland with Adventures in Missions. I read their blog with great interest because as new missionaries to Swaziland with two kids around two of my kids' ages, it is easy for me to imagine our family in just a couple of years going through what they are experiencing.

A while back, Jen wrote about a day in their life that ended in an unexpected way. There is a lesson to be learned from her that applies whether you are living as a full-time missionary in Africa or serving your family and neighbors here in America.


So today wasn't supposed to be about ministry. We decided to get away for the day as a family. We needed some time off! We knew we couldn't really get away, so thankfully there is a place a little over an hour and half from where we live where we feel like we can get away! I (jen) was able to get a much needed hair cut and Eric and the kids were able to watch a movie. YES! There is a movie theater in Swaziland! Actually, this is a very new phenomenon. The movies are not new new...but they are new to us!

We also did some grocery shopping and since we were near a store that has more then five aisles this was quite something!! We also stopped at a bakery, which is a favorite and a super treat. After we got back to the car, I felt a very strong prompting to return inside and purchase an extra loaf of bread. I knew we didn't need another loaf of fresh bread but it seemed clear that we were to buy an extra loaf of bread and give it to someone else.

All the way home, I prayed that the Lord would show me clearly to whom we were to deliver this loaf of bread. I felt certain that the answer would come. Yet, as we drove and tried to race the setting sun so as not to be on the roads after dark, it seemed we must be missing the appropriate stops.

As we neared a familiar village, I remembered seeing a man in a wheelchair at the side of the road as we passed earlier in the day. This certainly must be the one to whom we are to deliver this extra loaf of bread. Yet, as we drive by now in the twilight, the spot is empty.

The miles pass and we are closer and closer to our home in Nsoko. There is no striking, obvious moment where we feel we must stop.

Then, in the distance, there is a man sitting on the side of the road all alone. He doesn't seem to be heading to anywhere. He isn't clearly trying to flag down a lift. He is just sitting...all alone.

"Do you think he is the one?" Eric asks

"Maybe, so..." I say...mostly out of desperation. At this point I am just so determined to find someone to give this extra loaf of bread to!

Eric pulls over and I get out of the car, holding the now cooling loaf of bread in my hands.

"Are you hungry?" I say, as I approach this man on the side of the darkening road.

"Yes, madam!" he replies, straightening his shirt as he stands up.

I hand him the loaf of bread and say:

"Jesus is the bread of Life. As this bread fills your stomach may Jesus fill your soul!"

I get back in the car and share with Eric and Claire and Jacob what just happened. ! I know that this day that 'wasn't about ministry' suddenly became all about ministry!

It seems to be a lesson...that the Kingdom of God never takes a day off! There is always work to do! As citizens of that Kingdom, we always need to be willing to buy that extra loaf of bread!

To read more about the Peterson's life in Swaziland, visit their blog:

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