Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yesterday, I blogged about the need for people to donate dresses and skirts for the girls of the Bheveni and Mangwaneni Carepoints in Swaziland seen here wearing some of the new clothes our team gave them last year.

Now I want to tell you about something that has me excited!

One of the women I've gotten to know since becoming and advocate for Swazi orphans and at-risk children is Deb Gangemi. She has recently formed a group to recruit crafters who can sew, knit, and crochet to make clothes, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc. for those in need over in Swaziland. I have any of these garment-making skills but I can spread the word and encourage others. I wanted to pass along this opportunity to others so they can fulfill the command of Jesus when He told us to clothe the naked and take care of the widows and orphans in their time of distress. Y'all, let me tell you, I know from first hand experience that there are a whole lot of distressed orphans and widows in that beautiful nation. There are too many children wearing rags and shivering in the cold because they are dressed inadequately. Because believe me, it gets cold in Swaziland!

So if you knit or crochet, or perhaps you don't but you'd be willing to donate supplies, read this note from Deb where she shares her heart and vision. Then, if you are on facebook, go search for "Threads of Hope Woven by God" and join in on this joyous blessing. If you are not on facebook, email her at redeemingorphanshope"at" gmail "dot" com.



I have had the distinct joy of being part of a FB group called the Bheveni Sewing Machines. We have been busy sewing clothing for the children of Bheveni and Mangwaneni, for Mike and Danielle Brower and their team to bring to Swaziland in September. It has been an extraordinary joy for me to be able to pray for each individual girl who will soon wear the dresses I made.

As I said to someone earlier today, I pray that God will raise up an army of people who will create garments of prayer, using cotton and thread. I pray that each child who wears the clothing knows the truth about Jesus' love, and feels the love of a Mama's hands reaching through the cloth. I pray that these garments become a banner of love and protection over the bodies that wear them.

We are looking for people who sew, knit or crochet, or those who will come alongside us.

We would also love to hear from people who are traveling to carepoints and from people who live there, caring for the children day by day.

I picture us as an army manned with knitting needles, crochet hooks and sewing machines.

It will take a lot of people to make this work for the children! It would help significantly if you would share this group name with people you know! This may be exactly the opportunity for someone to get involved in caring for vulnerable children in a way that is meaningful to both the children and the person who joins the group!

Can you imagine a child wearing something you made for him or her?

That child will know someone cared enough to make something just for that child! What the children may not know is how many prayers have been said over the creation of the garment. Instead of wearing a coat of many colors, like Joseph, the children will wear garments of many prayers!

May our Abba Father encourage each of us to serve His little ones!

In faith in His promises!

Deb Gangemi

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