Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am planning a day trip that I think you might be interested in.

In mid-November, I will be taking a group of area students up to Mississippi University for Women to tour the campus, meet professors and students, learn about scholarship opportunities, and find out about student activities. MUW is truly one of the South's best kept educational secrets.

*It has the ONLY culinary arts degree program in the state of Mississippi.

*The nursing program is highly respected and the nursing grads have a 100% pass rate on their board exams.

*The fine and performing arts program allows NON-music and theater majors to perform in their groups and plays (something that many schools do NOT allow)

*U.S.News & World Report has consistently ranked MUW among the top Southern public master's universities

*MUW is rated by both U.S. News and World Report and Consumer Digest as a best value for your education dollar.

*All classes are taught by professors, not graduate students. With a student body population of arou8nd 2,400, the low 12 to 1 student to faculty ratio gives professors the opportunity to be effectively invested in their students’ lives, both in and out of the classroom.

It is truly a private school education at a public school cost.

Some of the other most well-known programs include education, fine and performing arts, exercise science, art and design, psychology, women's studies, speech pathology, and music therapy, as well as all the other main academic areas you'd expect to find at a major college --- business, English, political science, biology, business, etc. Also available is a certification in "English as a Second Language". This is an exciting and useful option for those considering foreign or home missions.

I attended MUW on a full paid scholarship. That was the initial draw, but I can honestly say that the four years there were four of the best years of my life. The professors knew me by name, there were numerous opportunities for leadership development, and the rich traditions made it a fun place to be as a young adult. It is not a "party" campus and there were, and still are, many options for being involved with campus ministries. It was while I was there that I started being discipled on a serious basis for the first time and started doing missions work.

I am still best friends with many of the girls I went to college with and look forward to going back every year for homecoming.

I encourage you to give MUW a chance even if it sounds like some "old, boring, no guys" school. I thought the same way til my first visit on campus.

They also have a wide range of degree options and fabulous schoolarships. In fact, a 24 on the ACT is the threshold to actually apply for one of the full paid scholarships available every year to incoming freshmen.

Let me know if you are interested and I will message you with the details. Even if you don't choose MUW, it will be a fun day. And if you can't go with us, just visit the MUW website listed at the bottom of this post and the folks in admissions will be glad to help you in any way they can.

A representative from MUW will also be coming to our homeschool group to speak in the fall. Anyone is welcome to attend this meeting. Again, just let me know if you need details and I'll be glad to send them your way.

Looking forward to a beautiful, fall day on the MUW campus!

P.S. Please feel free to pass this on to other prospective students, parents, and student/homeschool groups




Renee said...

Alum are key to the W. It was a friend of mine and Alum ofthe W that suggested the school to MJ or we would have never even noticed it. We were thrilled when she got full tuition, room/board and a book stipend; never mind the month trip to Scotland. Is it perfect? No, but most colleges are not. But MJ has found a place to be herself and she continually finds new leadership roles. This year she is the VP of the Honors Council

Elysa said...

And I, for one, am very glad that she chose MUW. She is a blessing to me every time I go there and she is reaching out and now welcoming my daughter as she heads in the W direction.

Thanks for posting, sharing, and loaning your girl to MUW for 4 years. :)

Lydia said...

I absolutely LOVE the W! I'm from Columbus and grew up saying I would never go there. When I became a senior in high school, I realized a few things: one) college is expensive; two) I was only attending if I had scholarships. The W was the only MS university to pursue me. (4.0 GPA, 25 ACT, extracurricular activities galore...I was a gem!) I got a full ride to the W AND even more scholarships when I was a junior and senior!!

Coming from a Columbus native that never realized what the W is all about, please take a day to visit! And kiss the kissing rock for me. :)