Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today my little hobbit turned six years old. I tried to talk her into doing a re-do of five years old or even going back to four and just staying there but she wouldn't go for it. She said she was ready to be a big girl...and give up daily naps!

She has had a fun and busy day full of food and frivolity designed just for her including a yellow submarine cake made by me and her sister Bets plus horse riding and friends over for a small family party. anything small with a family this size?

Anyway, here is her cake:

And here are her "best bunnies", handcrafted presents from her party guests, the Jennings. Aren't they precious? As cute as she is.

And she already is smitten with the pair. In fact, when I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, she said "opening presents and my bunnies".

Happy Birthday, little hobbit baby!

I know, I're a big girl now and all that, but you will always be my last American baby.

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Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Merry! Though I've never had the privilege of meeting you, I know your Momma and Daddy and Ms. Anna. And they have told me what an amazing young woman you - full of joy & excited about being a missionary in Swaziland next year! I hope your 6th birthday has been the BEST. Looks like your Momma made you a yumdillyicious cake! Happy Birthday!