Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Last night I posted a photo of Betsie's birthday party and assured my readers that I'd post more details today. I'm afraid that I must break the trust of millions --- okay, maybe a handful --- and put off for another day my birthday report. After all, I'm not called a procrastinator for nothing.

And like all good procrastinators, I have a dozen reasons to justify my action, or inaction as the case may be.

1. I woke up in a tired-out, grumpy, selfish, even mean mood. Blame it on no naps and not enough sleep at night for three days plus just plain ole sin.

2. I've not had a chance to edit the photos.

3. I really needed a long nap.

4. I'm now out of time because I've got church this evening.

5. I really needed a long nap.

6. Suppertime is now calling my name and my family, for some reason, really likes to eat.

7. I really needed a long nap.

8. Betsie was gone to work and I wanted to interview her about the day of celebrating.

9. I really needed a long nap.

10. I'm just to partyed out to wax eloquently about the party, even though it was a fab one.

11. I still really need a long nap...or a full night's sleep. Actually both.

And there you have it. All the reasons why this blog post is not a re-cap of Betsie's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration.

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Leslie said...

Hugs to you friend! I hope you get some good rest tonight! Your birthday girl looks like she had a blast!