Saturday, August 20, 2011


Anna stayed home and babysat 5 year old Miss M today while her daddy and I were off doing things with the rest of the crew.

On their agenda, was the watching of Richard Scarry shows. At one point, Anna mentioned that she had watched Richard Scarry when she was little which caused Miss M to proclaim them "old timey" shows. Anna went on to query her about just how old Miss M thought she was. Well, M was convinced that Anna must have had black & white tv and lived during the Beatles' Days.

I heard all about this from the both of them when I got home this afternoon. Then Anna escaped up to her tower, er, bedroom, while Little Miss M started making Magna-Doodle masterpieces.

Don't you just love her caterpillar?

And now she's writing me love letter lyrics with made up scribbles on her Magna-Doodle.

"Mother, Mother, you will always be a funny mom.
Do you remember this all day long?
When you are gone and when I am gone.
When I am asleep and when I am awake.
And when I am joyful and when I am sadful.
But you will never ferget this of your life."

I sure do love that little girl. Well, to be honest, I love both of those girls.

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