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When we went to Swaziland this past September, we were able to spend 5 days getting to know over a hundred beautiful children all a part of the Bheveni Carepoint community. We and our church youth group personally sponsor two children. For a while, all of the children were sponsored. Now the opportunity has come up to sponsor several of the children, some who have never been sponsored before, others who have lost their sponsors for various reasons and need a new one. Here is the letter from our carepoint coordinator, Danielle Brower:

Hi Everyone!

2010 is almost over & it has been a BIG year for the Bheveni Community. We've seen God do some amazing things! Lets end 2010 with a BANG! We have 17 kids here at this link, who need someone to come alongside them & say, 'Yes, I'll stand with you & for you! You are not forgotten!'

The kids you see pictured in this album are real. I've met them. Actually most of them I was able to hug & love on while in Swaziland in September. They have been coming to the Bheveni Carepoint daily for food & water & a safe place to play & learn about Jesus. Please consider being a special friend to them, helping to provide for their care, as well as praying for & writing to them occasionally, either by letters or email through the ministry.

Your financial commitment of $34/month provides for the most basic needs of children in the community. HopeChest will assist in providing food, water, access to basic medical care, education and discipleship. While $34 cannot meet all the needs of a child suffering through extreme poverty, it does provide significant help.

IMPORTANT: In our community-to-community model, all funds are "pooled" together so that if one child does not have a sponsor, they will still have these needs met. Your contribution of $34/month will go towards providing food, clean water, and access to medical care, as well as education and discipleship.

At the carepoint, the children line up with their plastic bowls in hand, playful smiles on their faces, perhaps barefoot and humbly dressed, eager to enjoy the bit of food they receive and the care provided by the bogogos (grandmothers) and the Discipleship Team.

In two years time we have seen the Lord incredibly bless the Bheveni Carepoint children and grounds, from what started out as a mud hut & kettle. Bheveni is now a thriving community of children who have a nicer indoor kitchen with two kettles to feed over 130 kid who come daily. Bheveni also has a small gathering building in which preschool is taught and the older children learn songs & Bible stories. Bheveni has a solar powered clean water well, and also a fence surrounding the property to keep the kids safer. They have received their first visit from their American friends in September, who were able to bring clothes, new school shoes, backpacks & school supplies, and few toys & candies. More recently the children received handmade Christmas cards & in January will be receiving BIBLES for each of them!

What has been done so far has solely been by the grace of God working on the hearts of people all over the world to help the Bheveni kids! Glory to God!

I saw with my own eyes what a difference a sponsor/special friend can make in their lives. They LOVE getting notes & pictures from America, knowing someone across the world is thinking about & praying for them individually!

Please keep all the children, especially these 'new' ones in your prayers!

If you have any questions, please email me at You can also learn more about Swaziland the work the Lord is doing there by visiting

Danielle Brower
BC Sponsorship Coordinator

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