Friday, December 24, 2010


Six years ago, we found out on Christmas Day, that we were expecting a precious, baby. The following summer, a chubby, little, newborn girl was given to us. She is definitely my best Christmas present ever.

Today, Little Miss M, will share her take on this very special occasion.

Merry Christmas, Miss M. How are you doing on this Christmas Eve?

Well, I am excited tonight because we are opening our early presents.

Why do you get presents?

Because our parents love us.

And why do your parents love you?

Because God made us like that.

Very good. We love because God first loved us.

How He made us!

What is your favorite part of Christmas?

My favorite part of Christmas year is going to Canton and riding on the train.

Why do we celebrate Christmas? What is the real story and reason?

Because Baby Jesus was born and He died on the cross to wash away our sins. That's what the true meaning of Christmas is all about!

Yes, it is!


And off she runs to play Chinese Checkers, but what she calls "chess".

In closing, I hope you are all having a very, merry, Christmas Eve --- not stressing over last minute stuff but making sure that you are taking the time to enjoy the beauty of the season and resting in the real reason for the celebration. For as Little Miss M said, God does love us. He gave us the good gift of His son not because we were on his "nice list", but just because He's our good, good Father.


RAnn said...

I found out I was pregnant Christmas morning, only it was 16 years ago, not six years ago--and she is a wonderful gift.

Elysa said...

Any chance she'll be a W-Girl? My 15.5 year old has MUW has her first choice at this point.