Wednesday, December 08, 2010

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... some cool African stuff. Okay, and maybe some dark chocolate and new Steven Curtis Chapman music and a book or two thrown into the mix.

But seriously, I have found the most fabulously CUTE African necklaces on this side of the world. Samantha over at GOODY 2 SHOES makes 'em and all the money (EVERY SINGLE LITTLE BIT!) goes to buy shoes for kids in Africa. Is that not the coolest? And guess what? She is only ELEVEN! So that adds to the coolness of "the coolest"!

Since I went to Swaziland nearly three years ago, I really had my heart convicted about how materialistic I was. It might not have looked like it on the surface because we didn't live a ritzy, fancy life, but deep down, I really liked my stuff.

In all honesty, I still do. But I'm trying to let the things of God matter most in my life and that means learning to be satisfied with less, content more and more with what I already have, being willing to give away and let go what I do have, and when I make purchases I try to be a better steward with the finances I have and sponsor good causes when I can.

Every Christmas here at Graceland, I try to feature gift ideas that will benefit more than just the recipient, but will promote God's kingdom here on earth in some way.

So as I made the Christmas wishlist that my sweet, hunky hubby requested, these adorable bottle cap necklaces were at the top. And if on Christmas morning, I open a package to find one of them winking up at me, I'll smile not just because it is so darn cute, but also because I know a child in Africa will be wearing shows, in part, because of that little, colorful trinket.

By the way, I'm still working on my list and still looking for creators and items to feature here on Graceland, so if you know of any good ideas, let me know!

To see more of the cool jewelry created by Samantha, visit:

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