Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Tom Davis of Children's HopeChest, posted this on his blog today:

Every December 1 marks World AIDS Day. Today, the world will pause to remember the over 25 million people who have died from AIDS during the past 30 years. AIDS is the most destructive epidemic of our time, and continues to tear apart families and societies.

In 2007, 2 million people died of AIDS. 270,000 were children.

Today I wanted to show you one of the faces of AIDS in this short video. You may never have had the opportunity to get face-to-face with someone who is dying of HIV/AIDS.

After watching this video, I encourage you to find out more about the 5 for 50 campaign, a simple tool to empower you to respond with compassion to those who are suffering and impacted by AIDS.

5 for 50 gives you 5 easy ways to engage this crisis, and I encourage you to get involved today.

Set aside some time today to pray for the millions of individuals--and children--who are suffering from or directly impacted by AIDS.

As always, I appreciate your feedback, comments, and reactions.

Fortunate: The Face Of AIDS from Children's HopeChest on Vimeo.

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