Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've been absent from my blog a couple of days because our Christmas celebrating was continued down further south with family and friends.

Here's a quick look at our happenings:

On Sunday evening, we arrived at my mom's house to eat our traditional fried-shrimp Christmas supper and exchange gifts with her and my brother's family.

My brother and his wife. What a gift she is to our family.

My sweet mama.

My spunky niece.

Mom gave B a gorgeous scarf handcrafted in Africa.

My three kiddos and their new critters.

On Monday, I helped my little women decorate their gingerbread house.

To burn off some Christmas goody calories, we went walking at the local mall and got some good laughs at our oldest sons' expense.

Daddy had to leave a couple of days before us and as you can see, the little kids didn't like it one bit!

On Monday night, we hung out at the Chinese buffet with my dad, his wife, and some of his cousins that I'd not seen in years and their wives and even a granddaughter. It was neat to realize my kids were meeting their 3rd cousin.

On Tuesday, we visited with my grandma who is living in an assisted living center. She is my last remaining grandparent and I cherish these times that I can see her.

After visiting Grandma Little Mc, we visited with my Cousin-Sister's family. She cooked us a potful of yummy, chicken spaghetti and entertained us with stories about her squirrel Sammy .

Here is a teacup set that was my paternal grandma's. It was brought to her from a relative who was stationed Asia decades ago.

Today we traveled home and stopped for Thai food and good fun with mom and daughter friends, Terry and Lydia. They both graduated from my alma mater, Mississippi University for Women, and I went to church with them when Lydia was just a little girl.

Once again I am reminded of the truth that the people we love are definitely some of the most precious gifts that God has given us.

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