Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Y'all pray for me...okay?

I don't know what's wrong with me. I am having a bit of a stomach bug an headache that have me feeling mildly rotten in general, but its my emotions and thoughts that have me more concerned. I just feel so sad and discouraged. I've been crying off and on for a couple of hours now which is just so not me. I'm just so very, very sad and nothing really sad has happened...at least not today anyway. I'm feeling like a failure in a lot of areas.

My husband called a little while ago and he's coming home early because he's so concerned about me. He knows this is just not like me at all.

Thanks for your prayers.



Drewe Llyn said...

It could be the bug, the dreary weather, the fact that the holidays are around the corner (making all those loses more poignant), or a combination of everything. You have been through a lot lately, plus your heart is burdened for the Swazi people. Perhaps you just need to take a rest and soothe your spirit with some good, soft music and a bubble bath. I'll say a prayer that your heart will be comforted.

Drewe Llyn

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Oh, I wish i had read this sooner! I hope you are doing better. I'll certainly pray for you.

Stephanie said...

My thoughts are with you my friend. I know there have been more time than I can remember when I have been weepy and discouraged. And it is not until it passes that I understand the reasons. While in it and am just fully in it! haha Be kind to yourself. Now is NOT the time to measure yourself against anything or anyone. Just remember you are a child of God and worthy of love and grace. (Hey that is your line!)