Thursday, October 04, 2007

DON'T FORGET... enter the drawing for the purse and/or book. The drawing will take place this Sunday. If you missed the original post, here's the link:

BTW, I've discovered a cool image resource that makes it easy to personalize my blog. The website it IMAGE CHEF. They give a huge variety of templates that you can put your own message on. I used IMAGE CHEF for the "post it" image above and for the "GOD AT WORK" sign on a previous post. I can't wait to do other fun things with it...including some romancing of my hubby with some of the images. ;)

The link is and best of all, its FREE!


Rhonda Jeanne said...

I checked out the image chef site and I can't wait to use the image of the girl getting a tatoo just about her butt! Yeah, that's me baby! lol! Kidding, elsa!..It is a very cool site!!!

Elysa said...

Girlfriend! You had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD on THAT one! Okay, so that one might not QUITE be the one you'll use on YOUR blog, but most of the rest are great...REALLY!!!!! :D