Sunday, October 07, 2007

Graceland News - 20 minutes ago
By ELYSA MAC, OCT. 6 - With the assistance of her 10 year old son D, Elysa Mac drew for the winners of the Grace-Goodies drawing. Shauna of Shaunarumbling and Oney of Acorns to Oaks are the lovely ladies who will be soon receiving packages from the land of Spanish moss, white pillars, iced tea, and big hair. Shauna will soon find herself perusing the pages of Steve Brown's SCANDALOUS FREEDOM while Oney will be styling with her pretty-in-pink purse.

Disclamier: No animals were harmed in the drawing of these prizes and the sponsor bears no responsibility for the changes these prizes might bring about in the lives of the winners....unless they are positive ones, of course.


Mare said...

Congratulations, Ladies!
Elysa, you crack me up.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Love that disclaimer!! ;-)