Sunday, October 14, 2007

On Friday, we took the kids on our annual outing to the Mississippi State Fair. We joined with other homeschool families as it was the special school day and rides were reduced. They prices are still outrageous at 2 to 3 dollars per ride, but its an event that the whole family looks forward to all year round and bags of quarters from Grandmommy helped finance the excursion this year. YAY for Grandmommy!
Enjoy some snapshots from our day. As always, we were wore plum out from day-long outing, but it was well worth it.

The petting zoo is always our first stop of the day and the place all the homeschool families rendevouz. Those critters must be some of the best fed animals around considering the amount of high-cost food that kids feed them all day long. What other goats do YOU know eat carrots that cost a dollar for just a few ounces? ;)

The Lewis family joined us for most of the day's happenings. Their boys are some of our kids' very best friends. And Mary is a great Mom pal.

LG was very frugal. Not only did she carefully feed her carrots to the animals, but she went around picking up ones that more careless kids had dropped along the way.

B was a good big sister and taught Baby M the fine art of feeding those greedy goats.

Petting the baby ducks and watching them go down their slide at the 4H farm exhibit is an annual tradition that never gets skipped.

This is the second year that we've gone to the free circus at the fair. The animal tricks were a humorous hit with both the kids and the parents.

P, D, and LG enjoyed riding the bumper cars with the Lewis boys.
10 year old D got to play the arcade game TRON for free at one of the Trade Mart exhibitor's booths.
Patrick enjoyed riding the CRAZY MOUSE with Super Dad who joined us in the afternoon once his required leadership meeting was finished.

We waited and enjoyed the funnel cake and cotton candy with Daddy. Its amazing how fast 7 kids and 2 parents can inhale those treats!

Princess LG wouldn't touch the albino snake even when I offered to pay her a quarter or give her some of my precious dark chocolate M&M's.

Daddy and 4 year old T had a blast on the super slide and the caterpillar roller coaster.

Til next year!

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