Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I want to thank all of you for your outpouring of support and encouragement where the upcoming Swaziland trip is concerned. Its hard to believe that as I sit here eating a scrumptious meal of veggie fried rice and Asian chicken strips while my children also had a filling meal and are now happily playing or doing their chores, that in Swaziland, "about 40 percent of Swaziland's one million people are facing acute food and water shortages" which mean that for many of the people, their one meal of the day consists of some wild edible weeds and a bit of cooked corn meal. And that "poor households are reported to have engaged in negative coping strategies, including transactional sex, leading to a higher incidence of sexually transmitted infections and HIV."

"A recent study has shown that if the current trends are not halted, only one in four children born today will reached the age of 40 in Swaziland." And of these children, nearly a quarter of them are already orphaned.

This is why we're going. I've had some ask me aren't I afraid of be honest, the heartbreak over what is happening over there usually pushes aside any personal fears or worries. Though I will tell you that right after I found out we were going, I started having irrational apprehension that I would lose my daughter somewhere en route. One of my friends said that was obviously NOT something that was a realistic concern as I'm one of the most paranoid, over-protective moms around...okay, she put it nicer and said I was very careful but I know the truth!

I've posted a link to an article that details some of the things I've discussed above and quoted. It truly is devastating what is going on. I am so thankful to God that He's letting me participate in blessing "the least of these". They are so precious to Him, and to me. And you are a part of this incredible happening.

BTW, before I close, daughter B and I are selling handmade beaded jewelry that a talented friend is making for the cause and will be teaching me and B how to make as well. With Christmas coming up, if you'd like to purchase some, let me know. Your gift will not only bless the recipient, but bless those little ones who we will be loving on come January.

Excited about this journey of grace and hope!
Elysa Mac

P.S. Thanks Rhonda for your passionate support and the beautiful jewelry. Your efforts will yield eternal treasures.

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