Saturday, October 13, 2007

The last several weeks have been unusually busy even for our big, crazy family. And the last week or so seems to have been even busier. Its mostly good stuff, but so much going on that I can't seem to catch my breath long enough to share with y'all the fun times. I figure if I'm going to post anything about what's been going on, I'm going to have to just keep it short and sweet and not try to write a whole lot of description but instead, let pictures mostly speak for the events.
Tonight I'll post some pictures from recent birthdays. Back in September, our youngest son T turned 4. Then just a week later, our 3rd daughter LG turned 4.
T's special day began with a birthday breakfast and then a few presents from family. After lunch, we headed to the Natural Science Museum. Another homeschool family, The Bynums, joined us. Their teenage son is one of T's favorite people in the whole wide world and he's been saying for the whole year that the one person he wanted to come to his party was Nathan. After we had our party under the pavilion, we toured the special, touring space exhibit and then did the museum itself.

I just now realized that I put the 4 on backwards. And either no one else noticed, or they just felt too sorry for me to say anything!

LG's special day also started with a birthday breakfast and gifts then moved to a very cool park in the Belhaven neighborhood. The Macoy family, friends from church and the homeschool group, were the guests of honor. After a fun party at the park, we ate pizza with Dad at his office before heading to the Jackson Zoo.

Next birthday...A turns 14 in November! WOW! And then just a few weeks later, our Patchman will turn 9! Simply amazing.
Tomorrow I'll try to catch up on this week's happenings including our day at the fair on Friday and a surprise excursion to the funky AND tasty Fondren Beverage Emporium on Saturday.
Till then, g'night to all!

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