Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UNIQUELY T...again

Every child is unique...a special little person created like no other. But sometimes that uniqueness is exceptionally unique.

I've posted before about some of T's thoughts and things that he likes....including foods he likes to eat. Rarely does he eat the same kind of sandwich two times in a row and often the sandwich that he DOES ask for is a rare type indeed. Saturday's sandwich was one such selection.

Saturday's main entree featured creamy peanut butter and mayonnaise. He ate it all up and I'm sure will be ready with another unique request the next time sandwiches are on the menu.

But when 5 year old LG was asked if she'd want a sandwich like this, she said, "NO WAY"! The rest of the kids are pretty satisfied with the regular ole offerings...though 8 year old P does like putting Cheetos on his! ;)


Beth said...

I have an old buddy who use to make this sandwich but she added american cheese. She forced me to taste, knowing I adore mayo, and I must report, it wasn't bad..... beyond that, I couldn't get past the thought. BK

Beth said...

My old buddy use to make that sandwich except she liked hers with a slice of american cheese. Knowing I adore mayo, she forced me to try it, I must report, it wasn't bad. T just has those "creative" cooking genes.

Elysa said...

Yep, T has probably inherited those Harvey cooking genes...though since Grandma Harvey was actually a Nelson, I guess they're "Nelson" genes?

BTW, did you know that I also adore mayo? In fact, that MAYONAISE SHRIMP was the dish I enjoyed the most at the Chinese buffet last night. Yep, it sounds DiSgUsTiNg, but it was SO YUM-O! :D