Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As promised in my last post, here is a more detailed update of what's going in with my step-dad.

My friend Janine and I made it safe and sound to and from B'ham and did not get pulled over for speeding despite a crazed speedometer and seeing literally about 30 to 40 highway patrol officers. It was "take back our highways" week in Alabama and they were certainly taking up the speeding fines...I can tell you that!

ANYWAY, after that nervewracking driving challenge and having to take the "scenic, follow-our-noses" route to the hospital, we got there in time for a good visit with my mom along with Roy's son and daughter-in-law before the 1:00 visiting time. He was responsive though still pretty sedated and out of it. He was able to open his eyes some and wave his fingers to say "hello" or "goodbye". I prayed with him, told him how much I loved him, gave him messages from other people, showed him the cards David and Laura had made for him, and just tried to love on him as best as I could during the 30 minute visit.

His blood pressure is doing better. His heart rate is still erratic but the dr. says probably as best as can be expected considering everything...at some near point he will most probably need to be put on a pacemaker. His creatinin levels are still slightly elevated but not to a crucial point that would require dialysis. Yesterday his breathing was getting better and today when they took him off of the ventilator, he was able to breath on his own. All in all, his condition is slowly improving.

The downside is that he has caught a form of staph infection called MRSA ( http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/mrsa/DS00735 ). It is in his lungs. This is an area of concern and something that needs to be prayed about as Roy's has very little immunity due to his kidney situation. Please pray that the antibiotics they are giving him will fight off the infection and this will not hamper his heart's recovery.

Please continue to pray for my mother that she will feel God's loving presence in very tangible ways. She is able to rest at night and getting even more sleep than I am!

Also, please pray for the other family members and close friends who are traveling back and forth to see him.

My family also covets your prayers. There are other non-related issues going on that are just plain difficult and add to the stress. But despite those circumstances, I praise God. Roy has made it past the crucial preliminary stage of recovery and we have each other to provide love and support. God's loving grace and mercy strengthens us and my children keep me smiling...when they're not driving me batty. ;) Really though, they are such a treasure and my life is so very rich.

Thanks again for all the many ways you've shown your love and support,
Elysa and Family

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