Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday... one of my favorite "just getting better with time" friends and relatives.

Beth, the fun times we've shared together are more than I could ever enumerate. From cruising the coast to fried clams and macaroni-n-cheese, you made my teenage years so much richer.
As you add another year, my dear cousin, I dedicate to you the "old fogie" version of Xanadu. Just 'cause we're getting older doesn't mean we have to quit being fun!

(AKA Miss Piggy)


Shauna said...

Now I can't get Xanadu out of my head and I feel a strange compulsion to roller skate! :)

Elysa said...

LOL! I'd forgotten how much they roller skated til I started watching a bunch of the movie's footage at YouTube.

I'd also forgotten how scantily clad the women were and how bizarre some of the dance moves were!!! Or maybe its because as a 14 year old I just wasn't looking thru the eyes of a mom with 2 adolescent girls! Man...parenthood sure can mess up some stuff. Need a perplexed icon here.

And my cousin says that she didn't remember any of the cussing til she started letting her 8 year old watch it.

Oh well, despite that, I sure do love the music and when I watch the clips, even though there are some parts I could live without, it brings back to me how I felt as a young teenager watching the movie and entering into a wondrous place called XANADU.

BTW, I had the soundtrack album and used to listen to it over and over again since it was in the pre-home video days. If only I had some video footage of my attempts to dance to the songs. I'm sure I could win a fortune on America's Funniest Home Videos! LOL!

Beth said...

I found that movie to be so magical.Xanadu began my interest in mythology, I enjoyed those crazy characters of mythology.
Thank you E for posting that, I so enjoyed it. Love ya, love ya, love ya girl, you're such a blessing to me.

Elysa said...

You are most welcome, cuz!

And maybe those characters reminded you of some of those near and dear to us.;)