Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby M's 2 year old birthday will soon be here
and I'd not bought a thing yet. So what does a
mom of seven do? Leave them at home so I can
efficiently run errands and shop?
Well, sometimes...but not this time. THIS time,
I decided we all needed a day out so we packed up all the
stuff that's needed for a family this size and
headed off for an adventure...because with a crew
this size, everything is either an adventure or a party.
And in this case, our adventure was for the cause of a
special birthday
By the time we finally got everything done that needed to be done, got loaded up and on the road, went to the library and stopped by the bank, it was 12:00 and the majority was hungry. We went to the place that is the favorite eatery when the big girls and I go out, NEWK's. YUM-O! Think "casual deli" but with
high end ingredients (like capers on the condiments bar)
and happenin' decor.
A and B got a table of their own but close enough to help with
the littler critters. One of their fave things about
Newk's is the complimentary bread sticks...long, skinny,
and very Euro-hip to these two country girls
Baby M was just impressed with her good ole saltine crackers
as with the bread sticks but that's fine with me.
Anyone who has ever eaten out with a toddler knows
that keeping them happy and QUIET is what its all about!

After our lunches of french bread pizzas(B got porto bella mushrooms on her's), a huge salad (for me...and yes, Darla, I did think of YOU!), and a roast beef sandwich (for A), along with piles of crackers and breadsticks, it was off to TARGET, our favorite super store.

Buying bday gifts for Baby M was the highest priority for us. And finding gifts for her that won't just add to the jumbled piles of stuff that we already own is quite the challenge. But with lots of people loving her and sending bday money, this mom is up to the challenge.

We and Baby M have managed to lose almost all her shoes except for one pair of rubber, yellow sandals. Oh, we've got other shoes, just none that have a match or that fit her. So, new shoes were on the top of the gift list for our little bday girl.

She patiently tried on pair after pair as big sister B and I oohed and aahed over the adorable offerings. Okay, well B didn't ooh and aah over the DORA THE EXPLORER shoes, but M sure liked them.

Above are the very colorful Dora shoes that Baby M will be dancing about it come this Saturday.

B found her a pair of fuzzy brown boots that SHE found adorable so not only will Baby M be a hit with the preschooler set with her rainbow Dora shoes, but she'll be stylin' with her big sisters' teen friends in her very with-it boots. The boots picture is a good bit higher...definitely out of order where this narrative is concerned, but it'll have to stay there. I still haven't figured out how to rearrange photos in a post. Oh well.

And after all the shoe shopping and shampoo shopping and baby doll stroller shopping and on and on and on and after saying "no, we're not buying that" for about the 77th time, I was ready to LEAVE my favorite place to shop.

As I was checking out, a lady behind me commented that I had the patience of a saint. Oh...if only she could have read my mind right about then. I guess its good at times that I still can fake goodness, because if my true thoughts had been known, she'd probably have been calling 911!

Despite the crazyness of the last bit at Target, it was a fun day. Really. Honestly.

Yes, I was wore plum out.

Yes, I was literally in the bed before 8:00 last night and asleep by 9:00.

Yes, I'm still tired today.

But they are SO worth it and seeing how excited Baby M will be on her birthday will be the icing on this mom's proverbial cake.

Oh...and when I hit Wal-Mart and Kroger tomorrow night for the last things we need? I'll be all alone.

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