Saturday, August 25, 2007


I wanted to tell a bit about M's bday happenings. This a.m. she had a bit of a rough time emotionally. She's got some sinus crud happening and it had her feeling fussy. She enjoyed riding Pepper our horse and playing outside, but was prone to crying jags and we had to do a lot of extra cuddling, watching of The Wiggles, letting her have her paci more than normal, and playing Hannah Montana cds which usually get her dancing and smiling.
We were afraid that she was going to cry thru her birthday lunch but Super Daddy managed to get her calmed down finally. We had macaroni and cheese, bbq chicken, and cornbread muffins for her special meal before having chocolate cake and icecream. She liked the sweet stuff and loved having it served on Hannah Montana party plates.
After lunch she opened her gifts from us, her grandparents, and Aunt Cathi ---shoes, a doll stroller, baby bottles, M&M's, a High School Musical t-shirt, a Little Einstein's shirt, tracks for the family Thomas trainset, and more shoes.
Then it was off for a nap. Our little one was worn out and to be honest, the rest of us were worn out from her crying, too!
Merry enjoyed a long nap as did most of the rest of the family. It was a rainy afternoon so it was good sleeping weather. After our snoozes, J took the 2 oldest girls to bday party for one of their church youth group friend's while I worked on laundry and just did Mommy stuff. I enjoyed watching little Miss M play with her new baby doll stroller as she was much happier after her nap.

We had a simple supper of sandwiches, chips, and bananas then got everyone washed up for the night. After Bible stories with Daddy, it was bedtime for the wee ones.


I sure do love my children. Each one is a unique treasure. And today, I'm glad we could take the chance to celebrate the life of our littlest one. She brings laughter into my days and my love for her only grows and grows. I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes this darling one.

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