Thursday, August 16, 2007


B loves the freedom that hs'ing gives her to pursue artistic passions.

Beatrix Potter is a favorite literary and artistic friend.

Baby M loves her Leapfrog counting and phonics songs.

The big boys practice design and engineering skills as they film a LEGO STAR WARS story.

A is learning the guitar and building up callouses (and character) in the process.

Big brother D reads L one of her Alphapals readiness books.

Literature is one of A's favorite subjects. We can't keep up with her voracious appetite for books.

Lunchtime is not just about eating, but about family time, read alouds, and playing silly games at the table such as stare matches.

T loves the tortillas that the "cafeteria lady" cooked up today.

"Computer Science" is one of the favorite subjects 'round here.

"Home Ec" starts early around here and one of M and T's favorite books is a colorful cookbook given to them by Grandmommy and PapaRoy.

B enjoys the flexibility of doing math on her bed watched by all those cuties on her LORD OF THE RINGS, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, and WILL TURNER posters.

LG and T enjoying a Clifford book...and without fighting over it!

D concentrates on his Spelling Power lesson.

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