Friday, August 10, 2007

Now for a change...some GOOD news!!!

Actually, pretty GREAT news!

PRAISE GOD! Roy's surgery went very well. The surgeon did a double bypass, his kidney is in wonderful shape, and he's recovering well. Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers.

The second piece of good news concerns A and J's trip out to Reno. They had a good visit with J's mom. They were able to get to know some of the people who make up their "zoo family" and A was able to actually get in the cages with some of the animals and feed them. She also played "high five" with the lioness Sierra (through the fencing, of course). The memorial service was a very nice one. Grandpa V's ashes and wedding ring were buried beneath a newly planted oak tree in the meditation garden there at the zoo. That is where J's mom wants to also have her final resting place some day. The zoo family is taking good care of Grandma C as they did of Grandpa V in his last days. It eases J's mind and heart to know that she is very well loved since we are so far away. They arrived home safely but exhausted yesterday morning after an overnight flight. J's back at work today and we're trying to get back to some semblence of normalacy.

I'll be going tonight to the statewide homeschool leaders conference in Jackson. J, sweetheart and most excellent husband that he is, is letting me go and have a break while he stays home with the kidlets. Since he's not able to go with me as he did last year, a girlfriend from the homeschool group and church is going with me. Besides the encouraging speakers and interaction with other homeschool leaders, we'll be enjoying catered meals (NO DIRTY DISHES!!!) and a very nice hotel room with cable tv (and no DORA, POOH BEAR, or HANNAH MONTANA!!!!). Y'all can be praying for him. ;)

Daughters A and B will also get a break from everything going on as they'll be canoeing down a local river with the church youth group.

Once again, thank you all so much for your continued prayers, emails, hugs, and other forms of love and support. They make ALL the difference for us. :)

With a grateful heart for God's tremendous blessings,

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