Saturday, August 25, 2007


Two years ago, a beautiful, happy baby was born into our crazy but loving family....and loved she was and is. This little darling's name means "happy" and a more aptly named child I've never known. She is a normal child, so her daddy, siblings, and I can testify to the fact that she has her moments and knows how to throw a hissy-fit like the rest of the little sinners running around our house. But all in all, she's a joyful, precious girl who loves to smile and sing and dance and laugh.
The photo above is of our sweet one with my beloved Cousin Beth when M was just a couple of months old. M's middle name is Elizabeth, a name that she shares with Beth and other wonderful women including my maid of honor. Elizabeth means "consecrated to God". And we pray that the rest of her joyful life will be one dedicated to praising, loving, and serving God.
I love you, Baby M. When God planned you, He planned a wonderful gift indeed.
(who by the way is presently crying her eyes out because Big Brother D took her away from riding the horse to change her diaper)

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Drewe Llyn said...

A very happy birthday to Merry!!!!! I can verify that her name suits her well.
Be blessed!