Thursday, August 09, 2007


As of late last night, my step-dad had still not gone into surgery. Its been a series of unfortunate events including having to wait several hours before an ambulance was available to transport him and then the records ending up in the wrong section of the hospital he was going to. His back-home doctor believes that immediate surgery is crucial. Please continue to pray for him, my mom, the staff, and the rest of our family.

My dear friend Stacy sent me this prayer for him this morning:

god of all comfort and peace...

be with roy, enfolding him in your everlasting arms of grace.

we ask for healing on his behalf.

you are the god who hears
the god who knows
the god who cares
the god of mercy.

be merciful to roy.

uphold roy's family with your strength.

surround them with the faithful...and the compassionate.

spirit of god
you know no limits
have no boundaries
of time or space
bring your comfort to roy in this hour.
bring peace to roy's family.

o lord, roy's times are truly in your hands...

Thank you, Stacy, and thank you Father for so many good friends.

Y'all's emails, calls, prayers, and other forms of support have made such an amazing difference in this situation.

Love to you all! You know who you are.

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