Saturday, April 14, 2007


For the most part, this past week was fairly restful after such a busy Easter time. We had the regularly scheduled meetings and activities plus a few extra things thrown in to add extra fun to the mix. The homeschool art classes that the 5 oldest kids were scheduled to participate in this week were cancelled, but we still had other opportunities to be learn, have fun, and stay busy.

Wednesday night was our weekly cell group time. A attended the very first youth group cell meeting. Our pastor, Brother Freddy, is leading their group.

Thursday night was the 2nd annual homeschool talent show. A sang a solo. The song she performed was BEAUTY OF GRACE originally performed by Christian recording artist Krystal Meyers. She did a wonderful job as she gains confidence on stage and learns to project and express herself musically. B danced 3 times with her clogging group. Baby M especially enjoyed the clogging and had fun dancing and clapping during the group's performances.

Friday morning we joined about a dozen other homeschool families for a field trip to the zoo (yes, our 3rd time to go in about 4 weeks...but still fun just to be with friends!) before our weekly afternoon meeting at the park, then errand running, dropping A off for a homeschool friend's bday party, and then... WHEW! HOME! After a meal of Rachael Ray's peanut noodles, it was good to get to bed EARLY! Most of us have been fighting some sort of sinus mess all week long and after I took as many meds as I could, I was zonked out and asleep before 9:00!

Today Jim and the 2 oldest boys have been gone on a cub scout outing so the girls and I have taken turns caring for the little ones and as much as possible, taking it easy. Tonight, we put the little ones to bed early and B joined me in watching the taped special about Oprah Winfrey's school she opened up in South Africa for outstanding girls. Yes, I was sniffling over my popcorn. I still miss Africa and its beautiful people.

Tomorrow's church, though sadly we might be at home too sick to go. Regardless, I know that God has opportunities awaiting us, whether here or there, to draw closer to Him and love those around us more and more wholeheartedly. I'm so glad that this child, that once was blind, now can see....see all the wonders that God has in store for me every single day in this place I live in called Graceland.

Photo of all the talent show participants.

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