Sunday, April 15, 2007

Super Dad and the 2 oldest boys returned late this morning with many tales from their first cub scout camping trip. Though bad thunderstorms had swept thru our area yesterday, their camp was spared and they had a dry time after all. Not as many boys showed up as expected...we figured the bad weather scared them off...but they still had fun playing on the fort & "ship" (pictured at left), plunging Super Dad in the dunking booth, doing silly relays, and eating junk since Mom wasn't around to play nutrition police.

The rest of us lazed around at home since some of us were too sick to allow us to attend church. Though I missed being at the worship service with my spiritual family, it was nice to have a weekend to just take it easy and try to get well. I hope we all kick this sinus crud SOON! BLAH-HUMBUG! Cough-cough, wheeze, sniff, cough! UGH!

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