Saturday, April 28, 2007

WE ALL SURVIVED!!! Even the parents. ;)

Last night, 23 friends joined us for a BIGtime celebration of D's 10th birthday. Counting all of us, that meant 32 folks were wolfing down the cookout feast, riding the horse, going down the zipline, chasing the cats, feeding scraps to the dog, climbing up to the treehouse, swinging and sliding on the decrepit play equipment, singing "Happy Birthday", and messing about with the bonfire....okay, so maybe the BIG'ns (formerly knows as "parents") didn't do ALL those activities....but a lot of fun was sure had by all.

After most of the parents and neighbors had gone on home, a handful of intrepid dads camped out with their sons and one lone mom crashed on the couch...too worn out from all the partying to make the long drive home to her castle and keep.

This morning meant more fun, especially for the shaving cream wielding pranksters, before the guests all headed out to their own adventures...and we here at Graceland began the task of getting things back to normal...or that which we have learned to view as normal for this boisterous family of nine.

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