Thursday, April 12, 2007


Last Thursday, my mom, step-dad, and nephew "C", drove up to spend time with us while C enjoyed his school's spring break. After playing here on the farm with his cousins, LG joined him for a sleepover with the grandparents at their hotel. Supper at the local McDonald's and donuts for breakfast were highlights of the occasion for LG.

On Friday morning, we met them at the hotel and then headed out for shopping at Target (had to spend their Easter money from the grands and buy A her Easter dress) before lunch at Chick-fil-A and an afternoon spent at the zoo. My kids loved introducing their cousin to all their favorite parts...especially the otters and the socially repulsive, but down-right funny yellow bellied mangabey!

Super Dad joined us all for supper at Up the Creek and browsing at Border's. LOVE THAT PLACE! B spent the night celebrating her friend Caitlin's birthday at her house.

Saturday morning found Super Dad picking up B, dropping A off at a church youth group fundraiser at Wal-Mart, and shopping for last minute Easter items. Back at the farm, Grandmommy and Papa Roy brought C over for his last playtime fix with his cousins before they headed back to their home on the coast.

Then it was time to do some last minute stuff around the house before a 2nd set of grandparents arrived. This time it was J's dad, his step-mom Sally, and his Aunt Lynn visiting from California. This was her first time to meet some of our kids. It was a good visit but definitely TOO short!

While I made supper that evening, Super Dad and the kids decorated Easter eggs at the dining room table. We ate our traditional Easter purple cross pancakes for supper since things had been to hectic in the morning.

And Sunday morning it was time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The kids rec'd their chocolate crosses after breakfast and then we all rushed around to get gussied up for church. We all looked quite nice if I do say so myself. ;) Super Dad and I were blessed with ministering to the 3 to 8 year olds for a special Easter kids' service during church. After the singing worship time was over, the children joined us for a Resurrection egg hunt, special Bible story, and a stained cross craft activity. B and D helped us with the little kids as did one of their homeschool friends, Aaron H. It was then home for photos in the yard, lunch (a ham, compliments of Dad and Sally, was the main entree), and the weekly treasured Sunday naps. And after our much deserved rest time, the kids had a wonderful time hunting the 40 decorated eggs A and I hid in the backyard.

Life is indeed good and I am so very, very blessed. Watching my kids experience life is more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. And sharing with them the love of Jesus and all He has provided for us, is such an amazing privilege.

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