Monday, April 02, 2007

Bragging Post

Big beautiful daughter, firstborn blessing, has just received news that she has been elected by her peers as Miss Teen Group for the F-R Homeschoolers. I'm so happy for her.

But just as big of news....she's all on her own reading WAR AND PEACE!!! And not the abridged, illustrated version either. Oh no! She's reading the 1,309 page version! And she's enjoying it. She's also finishing up GONE WITH THE WIND...but it only has 939 pages. A featherweight compared to W & P! LOL!

I'm very proud of my daughter. She's honest, intellectually curious, responsible, authentic, passionate, beautiful, and striving to know God as her personal friend. How blessed I am to be her mother.


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Drewe Llyn said...

Congrats to A!!!!! And to all of you. War and Peace???? I've never even picked up a copy of that book. LOL! (Though I did read Gone with the Wind.)

See you tomorrow!