Saturday, April 28, 2007


"Here is the latest - per her doctor Dr. Freid:
- 'Best report' since Sat!
- All vitals looking really good
- Heart, lungs great
- Liver coming around
- Kidneys ok (but not really woried about this...)
- Toxins in body getting lower (improving)
- He anticipates getting her off of the antibotics in about a week
Additional BIG Praise - we're feeling pulses in her feet (top of both feet); this is good news, and a start (I hope) towards recovery. Her hands seem to be improving nicely, they will be watching these (and her feet) very closely in the days to come.
Dr. Fried says this will be a very long road to recovery, but he is very optimistic.
Have you ever wondered about the true strength and power of prayer? I know that I have questioned this numerous times over my life but...looking at my wife's health today compared to on Saturday Maggi is a true (real life) example of the power of prayer. Words cannot describe what I have seen and felt over the last week or so as it relates to God's power. Seeing each day's improvements are blessings only acheived because of everyone's trust and faith/community with God.
I am praying with you and for each of you each day. Maggi & I and the boys are truely blessed to have friends and family like you! Peace."

For past details about Maggi's condition, scroll down this page.

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