Thursday, March 15, 2007


Its spring break week 'round these parts. For the Macs, this break is being partly filled with spring cleaning. Hunky Hubby took off today (as well as tomorrow) to help get some things done around the house. I'm FINALLY getting all the Christmas stuff up to the attic and we're trying to get no longer needed baby items out of the house. With all the sorting, cleaning, washing, and carrying things to the local rescue mission thrift store, I'm ready to get in bed with an excellent book and enjoy a good night's I can get up tomorrow and do more of the same!:)

Sorting and cleaning is DEFINITELY not my cup of tea, but its at least a lot more do-able with hubby around and good things to listen to via the internet. It really helps having hubby to keep me motivated and that social interaction to keep me going --- even if its just listening to someone else talk over an internet broadcast. I know --- I'm pitiful.

What I'm listening to:

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