Thursday, March 08, 2007

MORE REGULAR POSTINGS (and a peak into our day)---I'm trying to do better about posting more regularly since I'd gotten out of the habit for the last few months. In an effort to share more of our daily lives with our family and friends far away, I've decided that its okay to post just short little happenings or prayer requests without turning it into a major production.So in light of that, here's what's up with us today:Hunky Hubby/Super Dad has been gone to Washington DC this week for business related to dam safety. He didn't pack anything really very warm and he's been QUITE frustrated with himself since its actually SNOWED while he was up there. He's ready to get back to the sunny south, where the temps these last couple of days have gotten up into the low 70's. He flies in late this afternoon. If you read this in time, please pray for safety and pray for his "re-entry" into our world here at home. After being alone in a sterile and absolutely silent hotel room for a few days, its often a bit of a shock to his system to return back to our cozy chaos! ;)The kids and I have been stressing out this week over science fair projects. Every year we say we're not going to put them off til the last moment and every year we do. The homeschool science fair is ToMoRrOw so we've got some major stuff to be doing!!!! Plus I've got to get the house (especially the pit AKA my room!) picked up some before J. gets home.D. is doing experiments related to pressure. B's doing mushrooms (not smoking them....dissecting and researching them!). A's building an electric guitar and learning how one works and physical science "stuff" related to it or some such something or other. P's made a volcano from a kit he rec'd as a Christmas gift from Granpere' and Nana Rose.We also made a quick dash into town and the library to rendevouz with A's ride to the teen book club.Did I say I was stressing?!? TRY and be a nice mommy and make up for the stress-tinged oral communications I've been directing towards my kids today, I let them eat their sandwiches and chips out on the deck today while I slowed down long enough to really enjoy them and read to them from a Thornton Burgess book all about Old Mr. Toad and beauty found in unlikely places. Hmmmm...sounds like a blog entry idea!ANYWAY! Enough stalling...I've eaten MY lunch hidden away in the privacy of my back wing bedroom (wow...that sounds SO luxurious) so I need to go play mad scientist.I sure will be glad when J. is home...though there will be a bit more running since the oldest 2 girls have pre-algebra class tonight.But that's okay! I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me...and one of the ways He provides that strength is thru my dear hubby who is COMING HOME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEE-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Later. :)********************************************************
Blushing here...just realized what was supposed to be a short, quick post turned quite long. I'd like to say its only because I have lightening swift fingers (which I do, btw, thanks to my high school typing teacher) but I think its also because of my life-long habit of talking WAY too much! Sigh....

Update on events mentioned above:
The kids had a fun time at the science fair. We had a good turn-out with exhibits ranging from a project on rodents (including a live one!) to alternative fuels. Here's a photo of the includes all the participants plus the other homeschoolers who were there but didn't do a project. Many homeschool group regulars were absent but this is at least half of the core group.

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