Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Review of the Latest Happenings

Much has been happening lately, so in effort to keep the grandparents (and anyone else who cares enough to read this ) informed, I'm offering a quick review of what we've been doing lately.

Wed. 3/21: Prayer meeting that evening at church. We've started a new way of organizing our prayer time. The congregation first has a time of worship thru singing. Then we split up in our cell groups for half an our of prayer time before getting everybody back together for united prayer and sharing. It was exciting to see as nearly many folks turn out on a Wednesday night for prayer as for a Sunday morning service...and SO many teenagers came, too! Hallelujah! God is good and His spirit is stirring us up!

Thurs. 3/22: The girls had their pre-algebra class and a BIG test! YIKES!!! Thursday was also my beloved mom's birthday. We had a good long talk on the phone that night & the kids had made her homemade cards. We also gave her this nifty thing that adapts brooches into pendants . I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!! :)

Fri. 3/23: 13 year old dd had a homeschool teen party at the McMorris' house and voted on "who's who" for the yearbook. The rest of the kids and I met with the hs group at the park.

Sat. 3/24: D & P participated in their cubscout Pinewood Derby races. P came in 3rd place in his division. Afterwards, A. washed cars to raise money for church camp with her youth group while we ran errands. Then we all spent the rest of the afternoon at Nehemiah H's 1 year bday party. There were TONS of folks there, many friends from church, and lot of good food...hamburgers, hotdogs, all the fixings, plus a YUMMY penguin decorated bakery cake and a oreo-icecream mudpie served in a wheelbarrow. One of our sons decided to really pig-out and made himself pretty ill off of 2 and half hamburgers, 2 slices of cake, a serving of the mudpie, candy, plus chips, etc. Sigh.....

Sun. 3/25 Church in the a.m. w/ B. giving a tear-jerking testimony during the worship service. I was so proud to bursting! That night, A & her friend Megan attended a special youth function at the church. They had a drama workshop then a choice between dance or guitar...A. picked the guitar class as did Super Dad.

Monday thru Thursday was filled up with the regularly scheduled events: fire fighter meetings and emergency calls, the weekly scouts meeting, clogging, cell group, pre-algebra, and all that's involved with our daily routine of homeschooling and chores. Super Dad also had a 1-day out of towner to participate in a public meeting regarding a bad dam situation here in Mississippi. I have also started a new Bible study with my friend Janine. We are working our way thru the Beth Moore BELIEVING GOD dvds. I'm excited to see what God is going to teach me thru this time.

Friday 3/30: The homeschool group met at a local nursing home to hunt eggs and sing for the residents (see above photo). My pal Drewe Llyn accompanied us on the piano while I led the singing. The younger kids loved the egg hunting and Baby M was adorable sashaying around with her little tin basket. Last night, we took the kids for supper at McAllister's (gotta LOVE their 99 cent kids' meals!) then went to Wal-Mart to buy B a new bike. We finished up the night with a grocery shopping venture at Kroger. Its SO nice having big girls. I can send them off to get needed items in the store and it makes shopping go SO much faster!

Today: We had waffles, eggs, and turkey bacon for breakfast before J. and the 2 oldest boys raced off for the district cubscout Pinewood Derby races. The girls are earning money by doing extra jobs around the house and I'm trying to get caught up on emails, blogging, and finishing up some pages for our homeschool yearbook. The little ones are watching Alice in Wonderland contentedly...for now ;) . I'm looking forward to having a more restful day today and tomorrow as I have to be honest and admit that the last few days have found me being a mean, impatient, sinner-of-a-mommy! I had to do some big-time repenting to the kids and God yesterday so hopefully I'll be a nicer, more Christ-like mommy today.

Love to you all and hope your days are full to overflowing with only the BEST!

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