Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daddy's Taking Us to the ZOO!

Anybody else remember that old song from some 70's kid show? Sesame Street? Or maybe Captain Kangaroo? Well, whichever one it was from, the song title is true for us. After a few days of spring cleaning/project building, we're taking the kidlets to the newly expanded and renovated local zoo. Its the first time we've been in a couple of years and the kids have been begging for ages to go. T. wanted to know if we're going in an airplane or in the van. ;)

Have a great day. I'll be back with details later.


Linda said...

Cute redesign!! I periodically drop by to see what's up with the Macs. You're actually pretty good at keeping it updated. I, however, would write one entry and then not again for about 3 months! Love you! Linda

Elysa said...

Aww-w-w-w-w...LINDA!!!! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit. One of these years your life is going to slow down enough for us to have a bonafide real life face-to-face visit...really, it is!

I love and miss you!