Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My 5 year old recently dictated a letter to her oldest sister for her favorite actor, Zac Efron. Before we send the missive off to the privileged recipient of her admiration and patronage, I thought you'd enjoy reading it:

Dear Zac Efron---

My name is LGM . I am a five years old. I look and act just like Sharpay [a character in the movie HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL]...only I am a princess. When I grow up, I'm gonna marry you. Then you'll get to be a prince!

See you in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2! I have lots of pictures of you in my room. Even more than Orlando Bloom.

I love pink and purple and my hair is blond. I have a pink room painted.

My little brother, named T, is three years old, has a cat named Sebastian.

I have three brothers named D, P, and T. I have three sisters'n they're named A, B, and M.

I'm a cheerleader. (As an aside to her sister, "because I really am. I o'ly want to tell the true stuff.")

I love drawing about you. ("What else do we still have? Ooh...we still have a lot. Oh, Anna! That's not what I want!" Oops!)

I share a room with my sister.

I don't have High School Musical yet. I only have part of it recorded. I want to get the dvd for my birthday in October. ("Well, I still have eight words to go.")

You're my favorite character in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. ("Um, what else? I think that's all I guess. Whoops. Whoops! I gotta go kiss Mom and Dad!" Its her bedtime.)

From LG to Zac Efron. I love you.

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