Saturday, September 08, 2012


I am great at throwing a party, staying in touch with old friends, cooking up a veritable feast, and making up silly songs for little kids. I am a rock star with putting together a unit study, making my world famous popcorn, remembering facts about new people I meet, and doing read-aloud stories with funny voices and animal noises.  And don't forget about my winning ways with lipstick and big hair.

But give me a house full of boxes to unpack and organize???

PicMonkey Collage Karen Faith House Collage

Aye-yi-yi. That's where my friends come in, because so many of them are not only gifted where this sort of thing is concerned, they actually like it.

My friend Karen McGivney has come already three times this week to our new home and has done incredible things, mostly in my kitchen. She's spray painted some items a groovy green, arranged and rearranged my spices, hung fun stuff on the walls, and even put together the food in my small fridge like, as she said, "puzzle pieces" to take advantage of the limited space. And she did this all with a cast on her foot.

Yes, you read this correctly.

A cast.

On her foot.

While she's in pain.

Yet, Karen said as she was leaving that she'd be back after a day or two of resting up because she was not only having fun, but feeling like she was actually doing something good and useful.

"You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet.
But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget.
Those are your friends.”
Mark Twain

I'll never forget Karen or all the others who have come through for us during this time of need. Moving a family this size is never an easy task, but moving a family this size when the husband is out-of-town working with a failing dam is particularly daunting and at times, downright tear inducing.

With God's provision of good friends, we're getting it done. In fact, I have faith that we'll get it all organized and cozy with even some time to spare before its time to start packing up and moving to Swaziland.

*Wish you could see me winking and grinning over that last sentence right now*

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