Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Things have been even more crazy than usual around here but I wanted to post a quick news update.

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After not having internet at our new house since we moved in last Friday, it is nice to now have wifi access set up. My sweet husband came through for us again. Home temporarily from dam emergency work, he took time out to set up all the tech stuff for us. I sure do love that man.

Please keep praying for him as he is now involved with other dam situations that are a result of Hurricane Isaac.

We are still in the throes of unpacking at the new house as well as cleaning and taking care of stuff at the old house. Jim being gone with the various dam situations has delayed some of the things we'd intended to do and, in fact, our closing date has had to be postponed for more than one reason.

This is another area we need prayer concerning. Pray that everything that needs to happen related to the closing will happen soon and smoothly. Pray that we'll get the help we need with cleaning and taking care of things around the farm. Pray that I won't feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Pray that we'll get the help we could really use. We still have so much to do. Uh, oh. Guess that goes back to the praying for me so I won't feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

I'll be honest, I'm just really ready to be finished with the old house so I can start making our new house feel like home. Even though we started sleeping at the new place on Friday, I've been back working at the farm every day since we moved (except for Sunday) and I've not had one day to just stay here and work on unpacking or cook a meal. I'm a mom who loves to cook and really values family meals, so I really want to be able to make good food for the family and not rely on take-out and cold cereal.

Okay, enough of that. Honesty can start sounding whiny, and as a mom of seven, I really do not like whiny.

Over all, things are going really well. We're sleeping peacefully at night. We are already having many opportunities to serve our neighbors. And the kids have never once said that they want to move back. I know we're in a bit of a honeymoon stage, but it does bless my mama heart to see how happy the kids are to be here.

God is good, even when it doesn't always turn out the way I would have planned it.

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