Friday, September 07, 2012


One week ago this Friday night, we were spending our first night in our new home in the heart of Jackson at We Will Go Ministries.

P9060667 Travis Ben Sam Faith House

Over the last week, Faith House has become home. We've put in lots of hours unpacking, organizing, and hanging pictures. More importantly, we've had lots of friends over (like Ben and Sam pictured above with Travis), helped numerous neighbors who came to our door in need, spent time in the Word and praying as a family, eaten my world famous popcorn and pizza, cuddled on the couch over Bible stories, started a new job book, and re-instituted afternoon quiet times.

Do we miss any aspects of our old life?

Of course.

But I can honestly say that we are loving our new life at Faith House and would love for you to come by and see it for yourself if you've not visited yet.

Because in all honesty, what makes home really home for us is when it is filled with love, laughter, sharing, and banter...and friends added to the mix only make all that so much better.


us5 said...

welcome home! :) i'm here catching up a bit, and so happy to see that you're settling in...and finding God good!

Elysa said...

Thanks, Barbara! How are you "settling in" to life back in the States? I need to pop over to your blog and see if you've got updates. I've not had a chance to visit anyone else's blogs in a few weeks. Hopefully, things will get to a new normal soon.

us5 said...

oh boy, can i identify with not being in touch with everyone's blogs!!! :eek: it's been a very busy time for us here, but it's full of God's goodness...i'm so thankful!