Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We've been living in our new inner-city Jackson home for almost two weeks now. It hasn't been a completely easy transition. We've had our tears and stresses, but overall, it has been a very positive experience. We continue to feel honored that God has entrusted us with this call despite the challenges that sometimes seem overwhelming.

I thought it would be a good time to share some of the perks of living in the heart of our state's capital city.

P9100092 Merry and Jim

*We live close enough to Jim's office that he can walk to work and we can take him a lunch on the days that he can't get away from the office.

*Merry and Laura now have the chance to take ballet at the nearby First Baptist Church. David and I walk them over there and then work on the weight machines while they are in their classes.

*It is easy for friends to just drop by when they are on their lunch break or in the city running errands.

*We get to see our neighbors all day long which means plenty of opportunities to love on people, pray for them, laugh and talk, just be community.

*The grocery store, library, and numerous restaurants (including Pizza Shack, Keifer's, and Two Sister's) are all within walking distance of our home. And other places, such as the post office and the whole foods place, are less than 10 minutes away.

*We no longer have to commute to minister at We Will Go but instead, just walk next door to give away canned goods, help folks "shop" in the clothes ministry, serve during the Sunday service, or if we walk three blocks over, work in the community garden.

*The big, strawberry cake that a sweet lady from Crossgates Baptist church brought all the missionaries to enjoy.

*Folks are often visiting We Will Go from churches, ministries, schools, etc. They come here on mission trips or to do a few hours of service. It is fun meeting them and hearing their stories. It is especially exciting when we see God move in their lives. They come to help change our city and often find their own heart changed.

*We're definitely saving a whole lot on gas money and that means we can help Anna out with her college expenses.

*My kids are growing up in a very diverse neighborhood where they know personally folks from many different racial backgrounds, economic groups, etc. They are getting to see that good things can happen in bad places. They are also seeing that drugs, gangs,and prostitution aren't the glamorous lifestyle that our American movies and music often make them out to be.

*And it really is just a very lovely area with hidden jewels. Yes, there are lots of abandoned crack houses and burnt out buildings, but even in the really devastated areas, there are reminders of God and His goodness such as the fall flowers peaking thru the junk or the gorgeous trees sheltering a hole-ridden street.

God is good. I am being stretched and often fail to allow Him to work His power, peace, and love through me, but still He's good. He's good to me, He's good to my family, and He wants our unbelieving, hurting, angry neighbors to see that He's good to them, too.

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Scarlett said...

I enjoyed reading about your new adventure, Elysa! Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for you guys! I know the Father is using you in beautiful ways!!!