Saturday, September 15, 2012


After hosting our first supper-party tonight, Faith house completely and officially feels like home.

P9140050 Black and White
Happy to host Levi and Sarah.
P9140055 square black and white
I love her smiling Irish eyes.

P9140062 square
Crazy about Sean.

P9140069 black and white
Wildness MacStyle

After all, anyone that knows us well knows that a MacHouse just isn't a MacHouse if there's not a been big, loud, crazy party held.

P9140068 dirty plates

Now there's definitely been one! Jim grilled burgers out behind the back porches this evening and we had a bunch of the We Will Go folks over to welcome a new intern, Levi, and a visitor from Ireland, Sarah. With the burgers, we served all the fixings, bbq beans, and chips (including Cajun CrawTaters and Who Dat ones). Others provided cole slaw, veggies and dip, cheesecake brownies, and strawberry cake. African children's music played in the background. The only thing missing? A messy, soda spill.

Life in the 'hood is good and I love my We Will Go family.

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