Saturday, September 22, 2012


After the volunteer teams left We Will Go and the family had big ole sandwiches for lunch, I asked the mister to go on a walking date with me. I needed to pick up eggs, olive oil mayo, and pickle relish for tonight's cook-out here at the ministry. I figured, since McDade's is only half a mile from the house and this first-day-of-fall is a lovely one, that a stroll with my sweetheart was in order.

P9220073 Elysa Horse Apples Edit

On the way there, we went a new way and passed a couple of horse apple trees. Seeing those yellow-green, bumpy beauties sitting in the dark grass gave me the idea of picking a bunch and decorating Faith House with them. So while at the store, we asked for a couple of extra sacks, stopped and filled them up on our way home with the fallen fruit, and came home to fill up big bowls with this autumn offering.

A little bit later, I was sitting behind the house as Merry played in the backyard and I started thinking about those horse apples sitting now on my dining room and coffee tables. If we hadn't been walking, I would never noticed them. I would have been in the van concentrating on driving and getting where I was going.

I wonder how many other things I miss out on in life simply because I'm so intent on getting somewhere that I just don't have that unhurried, sidewalk perspective on what I'm passing?

Those free-for-the-picking-up horse apples reminded me today that sometimes some of the simplest yet sweetest blessings are the kind that we can only get when we take the time to slow down and look around, and in my case, take a walk with my sweetheart.

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