Monday, September 10, 2012


For the last several days, we've really been praying about the food ministry situation at We Will Go. We normally have big grocery bags of canned goods to hand out to our neighbors in need, but lately, donations have been slim, needs have been rising, and our shelves had gotten woefully bare.

P9100082 Bare shelves food hungry We Will Go

But God provides and so often does it through His people who love Him. People like my friend Janet.

P9100081 Elysa and Janet

Janet and I have known each other since we were freshmen living in Callaway Dorm at Mississippi University for Women. A couple of months ago, she told me that her company, Gentiva Home Health and Hospice, has a food drive every year to benefit some ministry or charity and that We Will Go had been selected as the benefiary this year. Fast forward to today. She and her co-worker Jeffrey showed up with over 450 pounds of non-perishable items.

P9100079 Ashley Mulder and Merry We Will Go cropped

We've been telling our neighbors when they'd come asking for help and we'd have to give them just a small amount, to be praying for God's provision. Now we'll get to share with them the story of his blessing. Not only did Gentiva donate bags and bags of food, but a friend and her sons came on Friday with cans of meaty pastas (a favorite) and another group brought a few bags on Saturday. One of our missionaries even donated a couple of cans of green beans that she had and asked God to multiply them.

P9100084 Nancy Flowers We Will Go food ministry

And that's what God has done. As you can see from Nancy's face, it is a true joy to watch how the Lord cares for those He loves because we know that those cans of ravioli and chili and soups don't just represent someone getting to eat a meal, they represent a chance for us to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with those who need to be reminded that God cares about them.  For most of our neighbors, their need to be loved and valued is a whole lot bigger than their need for some chicken and dumplings. 

In that way, they're not so different than the rest of us.

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